Breakfast—the most important meal of the day?

 Join us for the first in a series of posts from our in-house health and fitness expert and nutritionist to the stars, Liz Josefsberg.  Photo by Avid Hills

The latest research on breakfast calls into question the link between eating breakfast and lower body weight.  The 12-week study had 2 separate groups, one who ate breakfast and one that did not.  They each lost roughly the same amount of weight. The study suggests:

  • Missing breakfast has either little or no effect on weight gain
  • The most important factor was the amount of calories consumed during the day and not when or how they were consumed

Working in the field of weight loss for over 10 years, what I’ve observed is that it is more important for a person to understand and recognize if they need or want to eat breakfast. Many have told me that breakfast makes them nauseous and hungrier later in the day. They continually tried to force the breakfast issue because they had “heard it was the best thing to do.” Listen to your body, first and foremost.

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Train smart with Misfit and MapMyFitness

Get even more from Misfit by connecting to MapMyFitness, now compatible with Misfit for iOS and Android.  View workout information from MapMyFitness, including activity, duration, distance, and calories burned, in the Misfit app.

Connect your Misfit account with MapMyFitness to view your 24/7 all day activity in the same dashboard.  Plan, track and share your workouts with friends. View calories burned, heart rate, pace, distance and more – all in real-time.

Keep track of the data that matters most. MapMyFitness app features include:

  • GPS route mapping
  • Elevation profile
  • Route navigation
  • Record or log runs, walks, rides, and over 600 types of other activities
  • View real-time stats such as pace (Avg, Max, Current), distance, calories burned, heart rate and more
  • Track nutrition, food, diet, and weight goals
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Firmware update: New activity tagging with Flash

We’ve updated the firmware on Flash to allow for more precise activity tagging.  You can now tag activity by pressing and holding Flash to tag in, and pressing and holding Flash to tag out.  To update your firmware, simply sync your Flash.

To activate activity tagging, select your Flash in the Misfit app.

Select ‘Tagging and Sleep’. Then select ‘Turn on Tagging’ and select your activity.

Make sure to save your activity and sync your Flash.  You can now tag in and tag out of your activities.  You can always press down on Flash to check your progress during and after your workout.


Misfit for iOS: Update

Dear Misfits,

We have an update for our Misfit app for iOS that resolves issues folks were having with activity tagging. Download it here.

Stay tuned for new features and fun in upcoming updates.


Pump up your fall workout wardrobe with the Misfit Tech Tee

Looking for the next addition to your fall workout wardrobe? Check our new high-performance Misfit Technical Tee. Constructed with seamless stitching for maximum comfort, this ultra-breathable, moisture wicking tee is designed to keep you cool and comfortable for any activity.

Our Misfit Tech Tee:

  • is fitted with a special pocket to hold your Shine or Flash
  • is constructed with flexible, moisture-wicking fabric to keep you dry during the toughest workouts
  • features reflective logos to keep you safe and in sight
  • includes a slim, athletic fit

Looking for more workout gear? Check out our Misfit Super Dry Sport Socks and Misfit Classic Tee.