Misfit Shine iOS App v1.11 – Dedicated Sleep and Weight Screens, Smart Alarm, and Goal Setting!

Our latest update for Misfit Shine iOS app (v1.11) is now available in the App Store.  Feature freak? Dive on in. This a good one.

In this update, you’ll get:
• Dedicated sleep and weight screens that let you track your progress over time
• A smart alarm that wakes you up in your lightest stage of sleep
• The ability to set and track goals for weight and sleep

The rundown:
Dedicated sleep and weight screens:  We’ve added two new home screens to Shine, so in addition to daily activity, you can quickly navigate to see your sleep and weight progress.  With this, you can easily edit your sleep time as well.

Smart alarm, a new way to wake up: Sick of jolting out of bed in the morning with your blaring alarm? Our new smart alarm wakes you up at your lightest stage of sleep with pleasing tones. Navigate to the Sleep Screen and then right swipe to get to the Smart Alarm Screen.  Set your alarm for your target wake up time and the Smart Alarm will wake you up during a period of light sleep, up to 30 minutes before this time.  Make sure to keep the app running when you go to bed! Check out our sweet alarm tones, with names like Cosmos, Toast, and Caffeine.

Goals: The Misfit Shine app now provides a personal place to track progress toward your weight and sleep goals.  Set a goal by going to Shine menu>My Goals.  On the bottom select Activity, Sleep, or Weight to set a goal for any.

Download the update here.

Firmware update: We also recently implemented a basic firmware update to enable smart alarm functionality as well improve step counting accuracy and battery life.


Shine Firmware Update

Firmware update! We’ve released firmware that prepares your Shine for awesome new features coming soon.  Misfit has also improved step counting accuracy and battery life.  To update your firmware, simply sync Shine with your phone.


Shine 0.8.4 for Android – Now with automatic sleep detection

Our latest Shine Android app update (v0.8.4) is now available in the Google Play store. Updated features include:

  • Graphs for activity and sleep: See detailed daily graphs for activity and sleep data.
  • Automatic sleep detection: No more triple tapping — Shine automatically tells when you’re asleep.  To enable automatic sleep detection go to Settings>Shine Settings>Sleep Tracking Mode.
  • More sleep data: See sleep start and end time and periods of light and deep sleep throughout the night.
  • Sleep goal: This version also empowers Android users to set a sleep goal, so you can get motivated to get a good night’s rest.  To set a sleep goal go to Settings>Set Sleep Goal.  Default goal is 8 hours.  (While individual sleep needs vary, the CDC recommends 7-8 hours of sleep for adults.)

Download the update here.


Shine 1.10.0 – More friends, more fun!

Our latest Shine iOS app update (v1.10) is now available in the iTunes App Store.  This version:

  • Allows you to add Twitter friends and contacts from your phone
  • Brings back our ever popular referral program, and lets you give your friends $20 off a Shine
  • Improves syncing and update speeds

To refer friends, go to the Leaderboard or Feed, tap on the blue banner and share your referral code.  Share some Shine love!


Shine in the New York Times

Shine was reviewed by Molly Wood for the New York Times today.  In the article, CEO Sonny Vu weighed in on wearables beyond the wrist:

Sonny Vu, Misfit’s chief executive, said his team spent months researching wearable tech to figure out the right design and found a wide range of results. For example, he said, neither men nor women wanted to clip devices to their shoes when they weren’t cycling or running because, Mr. Vu said, “your shoes are the foundation of your fashion.”

In another surprising discovery, he said that in one survey of 2,000 women, a large percentage said they wouldn’t wear a wristband because it created tan lines.

“If we only think about the wrist, we will definitely be limiting our imagination,” Mr. Vu said. “You can do a heck of a lot at the wrist, but you will be limiting the people who will use it. The body is such a sacred place that you really have to think this through.”